P(eter) K(en) G(eorge) M(elody) D(aniel)

P:You are Ken?
G:Ya He's Ken.
K:That's right.
P:What do you want?
M:What do you mean?What do you want?
K:why do you get involved between us?
P:Your realationship if so good it wouldn't be so easy for me to get involved.
K:What th B~~~! You son of B~~~!
P:Why don't you leave her and break up and let her go?
K:Why do I have to leave her? Why not you leave her?
D:Keep on...
P:Why do I have to leave her? I just meet the right girl on the wrong time.
 Why don't you leave her?
K:What the... I met this girl first! I saw her first! Why Don't you leave her?
 You think you are tall. You think you are Michael Jorden.
 I'm short short but I'm strong. In my mind, I am taller than you....
 Talk to my hand...'cause th face I don't want to see you anymore.
 You don't know me. You don't know about my life!!!
K:Carefullly! Listen! Lesson One...
G:To me...
K:Listen to me carefully OK! I met this girl first.... I am no matter why.
 I'm not going to leave her ...
 Even though she... want to be with us both It doesn't matter!
 I'm going to stand by her all the time. I'm never going to give up!(Kiss^.^)
P:What are you doing? Why do you looking at him? Just hurry just make up your mind!
K:You go home and learn some Chinese damn it!

就當作學學英文也好,沒幾個單字,練習查察字典印象比較深刻!Good Luck!

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教訓死abc! 好啊!!!

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